From the beginning of exist on market, Sanex lead and develop activity in podkarpackie province, therefore Sanex wish to participate in rising of competitiveness and attractiveness of podkarpackie province with relation to remaining provinces in Poland and Europe.

Podkarpacie voivodship is located in southeastern Poland and reasons for which it is proper to invest are following:

the profitable position at the border with Ukraine and Slovakia

the profitable communication position - take place here two way international: E-40 i E371and works the international air pot in Jasionka (near Rzeszów)

the large potential of foreign enterprises mostly from America, Germany, Italy which with pleasure invest here in automotive industry, alimentary, of wood, chemical and commercial-of service

the special place in the economy occupies the aircraft industry,-the businessman which buys into the province perhaps to count on refinancing of her own investments from resources of EU and the state budget

the well prepared investment-ground especially Podkarpacki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Akropolis and remaining investment-complexes

numerous values natural-cultural especially on the area of Bieszczad, Beskid and the Sandomierz Valley

the professional help on the part of of business institutions , agencies of the regional development , special ecological zones , economic associations , institutions financing

the well trained personel

There is still many places on shifts to the farm implements, because authorities of Podkarpacie are open on interested initiatives, in this range offer the help and the promotion of interested undertakings

More information:

Podkarpacie is good direction for your business!