What do we do?

Our specialization is production of cardboard’s and wood’s packagings.

Our long-standing activity in wrapping branch makes, that we use the best solutions for our clients in palletization, transport and warehousing.

Paper honeycombs are used as filling of doors, furniture, partition walls and school and office boards. Paper honeycombs can be used as filling in the combination with different materials (wood, metal, plastic, aluminum) for the production of sandwich structural elements in the car and aircraft industries.

Basic material to produce paper pallets, edge protectors and specialist transport boxes.

Our products:

  • pallets made from wood
  • pallets made from cardboard and honeycomb
  • edge protectors
  • cardboards wrappings
  • paper bags, noticeboards

Cardboard wrappings, edge protectors, honeycomb, cardboards pallets are used in many branches as protective materials specially in :
Aircraft industry
Chemical industry
Agriculture and Food industry